Wedding Gold Package

What’s Included?

  • Dual Expertise, Singular Vision: Envision your dream wedding captured through the lenses of our seasoned professional photographer and videographer, ensuring every angle and emotion is immortalized flawlessly.


  • Six Hours of Pictorial Perfection: Revel in six hours of dedicated photography time, allowing for comprehensive coverage of your special day’s most cherished moments.


  • Cinematic Brilliance, Four Hours of Videography: Transport yourself back to the magic of your wedding day with four hours of expert videography, capturing the essence of your love story in cinematic glory.


  • 45 Edited Digital Gems: Receive a curated collection of 45 meticulously edited digital photos, each one a testament to the beauty and romance of your union.


  • 100-200 High-Res Raw Captures: From candid smiles to heartfelt embraces, receive a treasure trove of 100-200 high-resolution raw images, preserving every detail and emotion.


  • Cinematic Showcase, 2-3 Minute Masterpiece: Immerse yourself in the narrative of your love with a captivating 2-3 minute cinematic video, artfully crafted to encapsulate the essence of your wedding day.


  • Digital Keepsake, Online Gallery: Treasure and share your memories with ease through an online gallery housing all your stunning photos, ensuring your special day is always just a click away.


  • Swift Delivery, Lasting Impressions: Relive the joy and romance of your wedding day sooner, with delivery of your complete collection within just 10 business days.

With Next Chapter Media’s Gold Wedding Photography & Videography Package, your love story is elevated to golden splendor, capturing the essence of your union in timeless elegance and cinematic brilliance.

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