Wedding Platinum Package

What’s Included?

  • Masterful Duo, Unmatched Expertise: Embark on your wedding journey with the assurance of unparalleled excellence, as our professional photographer and videographer collaborate seamlessly to capture every nuance of your love story.


  • Six Hours of Pictorial Splendor: Immerse yourself in the magic of your special day with six hours of dedicated photography time, ensuring no moment goes uncaptured.


  • Cinematic Brilliance, Five Hours of Videography: Envision your love story unfold through the lens of our expert videographer, with five hours of immersive footage capturing every emotion and detail.


  • 60 Edited Digital Masterpieces: Receive a curated collection of 60 meticulously edited digital photos, each one a timeless testament to the beauty and romance of your union.


  • 200-300 High-Res Raw Treasures: From intimate glances to joyous celebrations, receive an extensive collection of 200-300 high-resolution raw images, preserving every cherished moment in breathtaking detail.


  • Captivating Cinematic Narratives: Experience the magic of your love story brought to life with not one, but two cinematic videos: a 2-3 minute highlight reel capturing the essence of your day, and a 5-6 minute masterpiece weaving together the most memorable moments in cinematic splendor.


  • Dynamic Social Media Reel Clip: Set your love story in motion with a dynamic social media reel clip, perfect for captivating your audience and sharing your joy with the world.


  • Digital Keepsake, Online Gallery: Cherish and share your memories effortlessly with an online gallery housing all your stunning photos, ensuring your special day is always just a click away.


  • Swift Delivery, Timeless Memories: Relive the romance and excitement of your wedding day sooner, with delivery of your complete collection within just 10 business days.


With Next Chapter Media’s Platinum Wedding Photography & Videography Package, your love story is elevated to the pinnacle of prestige, captured in timeless elegance and cinematic grandeur for generations to come.

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